Tom Foolery



Tom Foolery

Muncaster Castle is famous for it’s dark deeds and ghosts that walk the halls and galleries. One of the most sinister inhabitants was Thomas Skelton, who was the jester during the 1500′s. There is a large portrait of him hanging in the castle hallway and he can be seen resplendent in a gaudy jesters costume, and his countenance is anything but amused. Due to his mean spirited pranks, Thomas Skelton was reputed to be the originator of the phrase Tom Foolery.


On the grounds of Muncaster Castle there is a large and ancient Oak tree. Thomas would sit beneath this tree and play his favorite spiteful joke, which was directing travelers  to travel upon the wrong road, and thus unfortunately encountering the mud bogs and quicksand nearby.  He was responsible for more than a few lost lives, and his favorite Oak tree still stands and his legend continues to this day.

I was inspired to create this spindle in favor of his jesters costume and the lamination is tedious to complete but worth the effort.  The weight of the spindle is distributed for a fast and very long spin and is available in selected combinations and lamination’s.  It is with great pleasure we find new wood combinations to use in this spindle.


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