Miss Marple’s Teacup




One of my favorite characters in literature is Miss Jane Marple. Created by the imminent Agatha Christie, Jane Marple is soft, genteel, brilliant, and a lover of yarn. To quote a BBC adaptation of the book Nemesis as played in a village church yard:

Barrister to Vicar: “There she is… Mr. Rafiel’s bloodhound – his avenging angel. She looks so harmless doesn’t she? Her camouflage is perfect isn’t it, for she is just what she seems; a gossipy old village lady. Her logic is ruthless, and her power of synthesis formidable; and above all she never lets go.”

Vicar to Barrister: “I look forward to meeting her. ”

In the Dailey household British literature remains a family addiction. From Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Agatha Christie, P.D. James, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ruth Rendell, and Jaqueline Winspear,  my favorite English formula always levies lovely country vistas with well bred murders,  and murderers. I wanted to design a spindle with playful whimsy (pardon me lord Peter!) and a proper balanced pedigree. In single woods, or layered in color contrasting laminates, you can imagine a delicate chintz teacup.

What spins on a Miss Marple’s Tea Cup?  I have created this spindle in two sizes.

The tiny 2 inch whorl is dainty and sweet.  Two levels– the cup and  the saucer below–  gives this spindle a smidgen more weight than a truly will of the wisp spindle of the same size.  Depending on the woods used,  and the inherent density in them, this spindle will weigh in the range of .6 to 1.1.   This  spindle will spin fibers that are fine,  and some of the nice medium blends. It will wear a nice 9 inch shaft.

The slightly larger Miss Marple’s Tea Cup is 2 ½ inches, and has a heftier feel.  This spindle still sports the same delicate teacup and saucer shape.  It will spin good medium to fine fibers,  and will not hesitate to take on nice Mohair or Romney.  The 2 ½ inch Miss Marple’s Tea Cup has a great range in yarn size.  This spindle will weigh in the .8 to 1.7 range, depending on woods used.  Both spindles sizes will sport a nine inch shaft length.

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