Lady Barbara

Lady Barbara

Barbara Villiers was cousin to George, Duke of Buckingham.  The Duke of Buckingham was a rake in his own right, reputed to be a member of the infamous Hell Fire Club.

Barbara spent her youth with the court that followed the Stewarts into exile when they fled to France. The Stewarts were over thrown by the powerful Protestant faithful, placing Oliver Cromwell as head of the new democratic government. Charles I was executed, and his family excaped death by fleeing to Paris. Upon Oliver Cromwell’s death, Charles II was invited to take his place as King of England. Barbara, already established as his mistress, followed the court back to England.  Once duly crowned as King, Charles married Catherine of Braganza, and the union produced no living children.  However Charles II and Lady Barbara had five children. Barbara was known for her winning ways, wit and fierce temper. Charles was well and truly henpecked by the fiery Barbara.

The Lady Barbara is small, fast, and has a long spin. This spindle loves cashmere, and most fine fibers including cotton!


Whorl size – 2 inch

Shaft lengh  – 8 or 9 inch

Weight  -  .4 to 1 ounce (depending on wood selected)

Shaft possibilities for this spindle are:

Mahogany, Cherry, Birch, Red Oak, Walnut

Some wood choices but not limited to:

Pink Ivory, Bloodwood, Bois de Rose, Tulipwood, Purpleheart, East Indian Rosewood, Canarywood, Pommell Bubinga, Yellowheart, Olivewood, Chechen, Blackwood, Birds Eye Maple, Curly Cherry, Paduk, Claro Walnut, Australian Red Gum, And assorted Burls in stock

List of possible laminates but not limited too:

Sapele/ Bois de Rose, Tulipwood/Bloodwood, Sapele/Paduk, Pommel  Bubiinga/ Bloodwood, Pommel Bubinga/ Paduk, Walnut/Purpleheart, Olivewood/Purpleheart, Walnut/East Indian Rosewood, Birds Eye Maple/Australian Red Gum

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